Know someone with a big story around friendship?

In Process

Kitestring is a design research project investigating what it takes to form and maintain strong, close friendships.

We’re looking for all sorts, particularly those who have been on life journeys that would affect their close connections, such as people who have:

  • Formed a ‘family of choice‘; after becoming estranged from their family.
  • Moved far away and kept a strong friendship going over the distance.
  • Gone through a divorce and had to rebuild friend groups.
  • A close friend they’ve rarely or never met in person.
  • A variety of cultural views on friendship.
  • A pair who are just becoming closer friends.
  • A pet as their best friend.
  • Lived as a happy hermit.
  • A very close group of old friends.
  • A child with an imaginary friend.
  • Anyone else you think might be interesting.

If you would like to be interviewed, know someone who might, or just want more information, please send an email with contact information and some details to Ryan at

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